Bus Shuttle Info

Registration opens at 2:00pm EST.  Opening Ceremony begins at 4:00pm EST on Friday.

Departure from Orlando International Airport (MCO) to Camp Kulaqua

Friday August 9th

  • 12:00pm EST
  • 1:00pm EST

Departure from Jacksonville International Airport (JAX) to Camp Kulaqua

Friday August 9th

  • 1:00pm EST
  • 2:00pm EST

Closing Mass and Ceremony end at 12:00pm Monday

Departure from Camp Kulaqua to MCO and JAX airports

Monday, August 12th

  • 2:00pm EST
  • 3:00pm EST


Please plan to arrive 1 hour prior to scheduled departure time. No other bus shuttle service available. 

Registering for the bus

To register for the bus, please follow the instructions below.

  • Go to your Dashboard
  • Log in
    • If you registered with your Members Portal account, please select the same login method
    • If you registered as a Guest, or are registered as someone's guest, log in with your email and confirmation code
  • Select your registration
    • If you registered guests, you can edit their registrations on their behalf
    • Please fill out transportation info for each person registered
  • Next to Transportation Info, click Edit
  • Fill out your info and click Submit

Deadline to register for bus: April 30, 2024

If you have any issues please email support@veym.net

Bus Info