Coming to the Promised Land 7

"Though many, are one body"

1 Corinthians 12:12

August 9-12, 2024

Camp Kulaqua

High Springs, Florida

Latest Updates

 VDH7 Vocation Booth Interest Form
February 25, 2024
VDH7 Vocation Booth Interest Form
Dear Priests and Religious, Interested in hosting a vocation booth at the VDH7 convention? We are offering complimentary booth spaces for you to showcase your order to hundreds of VEYM members! Please fill out this form to express interest and to stay in contact for more information.   Sign Up Form: []   For additional questions, please contact BCHTU Uỷ Viên Ơn Gọi, Tr. Christina at   Thank you for your interest. Many blessings!   13576772 10154429354715992 7319683576809075854 O []
Early Bird Registration Deadline Extension!
February 19, 2024
Early Bird Registration Deadline Extension!
President's Day Special!  The Early Bird Registration Deadline has been extended to March 2nd, 2024.  Here is your chance, register [] now!  Early bird extension []
VDH7 Townhall Recording
February 05, 2024
VDH7 Townhall Recording
If you missed the Townhall on January 29, you can watch the recording here. Some topics covered: * Highlights from VDH6 * Event Venue and Facilities * Registration Information * Eligibility and Deadlines * Registration Demo * Volunteer Opportunities  
Request for Volunteers
January 30, 2024
Request for Volunteers
Greetings esteemed members of the Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement: As we prepare for the upcoming historic VDH7 convention, the success of this important event rests not only on the Organizing Committee, but on each individual member, Chapter and League of Chapters working together to plan, promote, execute and deliver this convention.  With your God given talent and time, you're invited to voluntarily serve in one of the many committees available.  Please submit by March 1st, 2024.  In the spirit of service, all volunteers are responsible for their own registrations and transportation to/from the event. Thank you for your time and effort.  May Christ Jesus, through His Holy Mother, bless you always. In His Sacred Heart, Tr. Đaminh Hoàng Công Thái Dương On behalf of the Organizing Committee AVAILABLE COMMITTEES * Ban Ghi Danh / Registration Committee * Ban Báo Chí & Vận Động / News & Promo Committee * Ban Phụng Vụ / Liturgical Committee * Ban Trật Tự / Public Safety Committee * Ban Ẩm Thực / Food Services Committee * Ban Vệ Sinh / Public Cleanliness Committee * Ban Kỹ Thuật Trang Trí / Decoration and Assistance Committee * Ban Tiếp Tân / Welcoming Committee * Ơn Gọi / Vocation Booths Support Committee * Ban Phim Ảnh / Photo-Videography Committee * Ban Y Tế / Medical Services Committee * Ban Thi Đua Thể Thao / Sport Competitions Committee * Breakout Sessions Support Committee * Ban Văn Nghệ / Theatrical Performance Committee * Spirit Crew * VEYM Store Stand * Musicians * MCs SIGNUP FORM []

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