DeadlineTypeRegistration Fee
04/15/2020Normal Registration$215
05/15/2020Late Registration$250
Absolute Deadline to Register: 5/15/2020

Scholarship and Fundraising opportunities available.

Sponsorship and Fundraising


Registration is open to all Huynh Truong, Tro Ta, Tro Uy, Tuyen Uy
[Hiep Si Truong Thanh (18 years old and up) not eligible to register]
**Those not yet promoted may register early to benefit from lower registration fees.
Spouses and legal children of Huynh Truong, Tro Ta, Tro Uy are invited.

Must be in good standing and Chapter membership is current

Must submit wavier form

Members from VN/CN/Aus/FR are invited


If cancelled by 5/15/2020, a $10 administrative fee will be applied per refund request.

Registration Statistics