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Raffles Questions & Answers

January 30th, 2020

What is the purpose of the VDH7 Raffle Tickets Fundraising?

To reduce the financial burden on all VEYM participants. While the registration cost for VDH7 ($200) in itself is already low (to include lodging, meals, activities, memorabilia, concert, competitions, prizes, speakers, discounts, etc…), the Organizing Committee is committed to support our youth leaders in anyway possible to provide an affordable mean for VDH7 participation.

Who should we contact when we have a question regarding raffles?

Please contact Tr. Nathan Vy via email Nathan.Vy@veym.net or cell phone at 321-356-5250.

Who should we contact when we have a question regarding sponsorship program?

Tr. Lucia Nguyen Thi Bien via email Bien.Nguyen@veym.net

How many raffle tickets each chapter will receive?

500-1000 tickets, however, you can request more by contacting Tr. Nathan Vy.

When received, what’s next?

  1. Confirm the range and amount of the raffle tickets received.
  2. Print the Fundraising Announcement Letter, Commission flyer, and Sponsorship Program flyer. Place all of them in an envelope and hand deliver it to your Chaplain for permission to sell.
  3. Sell the tickets
  4. Calculate the commission percentage according to the deadlines and return stubs and checks to VEYM office.

What to do if my chapter didn’t receive the raffle tickets or some are missing?

Please contact Tr. Nathan Vy asap.

What are the commission distribution percentage and due dates (earning cash and the deadlines)?

  • If the stubs and money are returned before February 3, 2020, Chapter keeps 70%
  • If the stubs and money are returned before March 15, 2020, Chapter keeps 60%
  • If the stubs and money are returned before May 15, 2020, Chapter keeps 50%

Is there extra bonus for selling more raffle tickets?

Yes, three chapters with highest sales will receive the following bonuses accordingly at VDH7: Highest will receive $1000 bonus, second highest will receive $500 and third highest will receive $250.

How can we submit money from raffle sales?

We accept three types of payment for VDH7 Raffle Tickets sales; Checks, Zelle, and Money Order.

  • Zelle:
    Account: VEYMTTQ@veym.net
    Notes: VDH7 Doan, Lien Doan, and Number of Raffles
    Once transferred, please e-mail Zelle confirmation number along with the Notes to: veymttq@veym.net and cc Nathan.vy@veym.net
  • Check:
    Payable to VEYM
    Memo: VDH7 Doan, Lien Doan, Number of Raffle
    Email to: veymttq@veym.net and cc Nathan.vy@veym.net
  • Money Order:
    Payable to VEYM
    Send to VEYM Office: 7711 Garden Grove Blvd, Garden Grove, CA 92841
    Memo - Chapter and League Name

What are some tips to doing this successfully:

  • Instead of selling individually, staple 5 tickets into one package and sell a package of 5 tickets for $20.
  • If your chapter decides to prepay the 30% of your total sales by the first deadline, Feb 3, 2020, your chapter essential have more time to sell and still benefit from the 70% benefit.
  • Your Chapter can turn in stubs at VDH7 but prefer to receive them at VEYM Office by 6/15/2020.

What if my chapter is unable to sell at all or some amount?

Please contact Tr. Biên Nguyễn, bien.nguyen@veym.net for instruction on returning unsold tickets.

What happen if I don’t return the unsold tickets?

To prevent fraudulent use of our VEYM 7 raffle tickets for personal gain, chapters are held accountable for the cost of all un-returned tickets.

Thank you much for your support and we look forward to seeing you at VDH7.