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More About The Convention Location

April 16th, 2019

#VDH7, July 2-5, 2020, at Glorieta in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Where you can also see and retrieve “holy dirts”, see the miraculous stairs credited to St. Joseph, pray at the oldest church in the continental US, and venerate the relics of the True Cross, the veil of the Virgin Mary and other relics. The city of Santa Fe itself is also one of the world’s top award-winning and most beloved destinations rich in traditions and cultures.

Blessed to have TNTT Đoàn Đức Mẹ La Vang - Albuquerque, NM here to give us a sample taste of Santa Fe, which means Holy Faith.

Below are several of many must see destinations before or after VDH7 next year:

*El Santuario de Chimayo houses a room where the original holy dirt is accessible to anyone who makes the pilgrimage. Countless miracles were attributed to the holy dirt and this shrine is a National Historic Landmark receiving almost 300,000 visitors per year and has been called “no doubt the most important Catholic pilgrimage center, the “Lourdes of the United States”.

A special prayer was prayed at Chimayo for our Church, our countries, our VEYM/TNTT, and for our convention, Về Đất Hứa 7.

*San Miguel Mission, also known as San Miguel Chapel, is a Spanish colonial mission church in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Built between approximately 1610 and 1626, it is the oldest known church in the continental United States. Wow!!!

*The Loretto Chapel, known for its mystical helix-shaped spiral staircase that is physicially impossible to function as a stairs. The Sisters of Loretto credited St. Joseph with its construction.

*St. Francis Assisi Cathedral and the holy relics wall, containing a piece of the True Cross, the veil of Mary, Mother of God, and many more relics.

*Santa Fe plaza, filled with authenic cuisines and rich in arts and cultural display of the local occupants.

More importantly, the warm hospitality of the HTs from Đoàn Đức Mẹ Lavang will leave you feeling like home. See you soon!😇🙏

Check out these great photos of Glorieta Adventure Camp!!